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Soaps/Body Washes
After Your Spray Tan

Now, let's get down to the details. You want to use a product that won't affect the tan or your skin, and will allow your tan to last as long as it can!  Generally, a spray tan should last about 7-10 days, although those times will vary depending on a number of factors.

Ideally, you want to use a product that is as natural as possible and has very few ingredients.  Also, it shouldn't contain any harsh ingredients, such as mineral oil, that will negatively affect your tan. Soaps or body washes with moisturizing ingredients are also a plus, because moist skin will help to keep the spray tan on longer, and make the color more natural and darker (in most cases).

Below, we listed our three favorite products that are easily accessible, and available for purchase on Amazon and Walmart.  Even better, all are great for your skin and affordable.  We'll go into detail about each product below:

  1. Aveeno Active Naturals Body Wash

  2. Love Beauty and Planet Majestic Moisture Body Wash

  3. Cetaphil Daily Refreshing Body Wash

  4. South Seas Bikini Island Body Wash                                                                                                                                                            

 1. Aveeno Active Naturals Body Wash

This is a great body wash because it truly helps to keep the skin soft and moisturized after a shower, which is ideal for a spray tan.  In order for a tan to last longer and look more natural, we need to keep our skin refreshed and moisturized.  This body wash does just that.

2.  Love Beauty and Planet Majestic Moisture Body Wash,
Shea Butter and Sandalwood

Two key elements that we really like about this product:  shea butter and coconut oil.  These two ingredients alone tell use that this body wash is going to help keep your skin moisturized and refreshed while you have your spray tan.  And moisturized skin helps a spray tan last longer and look better.

3.  Cetaphil Ultra Gentle
Body Wash

Cleanses without stripping the stripping the moisture. Protects your skins natural protective oils and emollients.  In addition, it's dermatologist recommended and hypoallergenic.

4.  South Seas Bikini Island Body Wash

 Organic Green Tea, Monoi de Tahiti and Ginseng provide rich antioxidants while detoxifying Sea Kelp cleanses the skin.  Hydrating and refreshing.  Citrus Scent.

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